From white beaches to the alps of austria

Hello, or as we say in austria - griaß eich!


We are Andy & Sandra and our mountain adventure started last year. We dont know nothing about managing a mountain hut and jumped into the unknown ;-) 


Andi is Kite|Windsurf instructor and sauna & spa attendant and I'm social worker and used to run my own gym. We both got many years of expierence in the tourism industry, Andy worked as a sport animation guy and I was working as a waitress. But to run a mountain hut is different to all we have done before.

Its challenging, hard work, fun & adventurous.

We cooked and served drinks to many many hungry hikers and worked more than ever in our life.


But we loved it, we loved everything this job brings with it. The good, the bad, the fun and the weird things. We love beeing sourroundet by sporty people who also love the mountains, we love their stories and the fun we have with our guests. 


We are looking forward to our second year in the mountains and we can't wait to meet you at the Almtalerhaus!


Sandra & Andi